Anna Sui Sparkly Star Lipstick


Anna Sui is an American fashion designer who has taken her vision and artistry into cosmetics. It has been a real pleasure to test the Anna Sui Sparkly Star Lipsticks as they are so beautiful to look at. Not only is the packaging both unusual and very beautiful but the bullet is like no other. The plastic lid is shaped into a star at the top and has a geometric pattern down its length. When you remove the lid there is a metal casing which sits on top of a black plastic base and you turn the bottom to reveal the star shaped bullet which is twisted along its length. Whilst the packaging looks very prestige, it does feel and sound very mass. It would be great to see the lid in a different material to keep the feel more luxurious. I have never seen a bullet like it and I wish that other brands would do more interesting things with their lipstick cases. If you find the Paul and Joe packaging a bit too cutesy and kitsch, you may find that Anna Sui has the individuality and edge that you are looking for.

I have been testing two colours. Rose Pink which is just like its name, a pinky nude in the bullet, when I swatched it on my arm it looked like it had a bit of lavender in it but on the lips this colour had far too much white in it to be flattering. Valencia, however is a beautiful subtle orange shade which is very brown girl friendly. The colour is definitely orange rather than an orange red and whilst I found that it benefited from a touch of brown lip liner, it worked very well without it. The formula is moisturising and despite the rose fragrance of the bullet, I am happy to reapply after eating lunch or dinner. If you are a makeup collector the Anna Sui range is definitely one to watch.

Anna Sui pic 2

Anna Sui cosmetic range is available from ASOS Beauty and the lipsticks are priced at £23.00 each.