Anita Grant Babassu Plantain Spinach & Olive Shampoo Bar

Anita Grant is a British #brownbeauty brand well known for their natural hair and skincare products using natural organic ingredients. The Babassu Plantain Spinach & Olive Shampoo Bar is part of their Babassu bars collection and is SLS free among other nasties and promises to gently cleanse the hair without stripping it of its moisture. The bar is made with all natural and organic ingredients and is handmade from scratch.

I received my shampoo bar wrapped in paper and in a simple white box. The Plantain Spinach & Olive Shampoo Bar has a subtle mild scent which I found pleasant. I also found the bar easy to use; after drenching my hair with water, I rubbed the bar a few times on my hair and scalp until it lathered. The bar suds up really well and the lather it produces is very good for detangling. I am able to use this to gently pull out and shed my hair and finger detangle easily under running water.

I am also very impressed with the cleansing action with the shampoo bar. It is able to lift a lot of product build-up and dirt with the first rinse. I rinsed twice with the bar and it left my hair squeaky clean but very soft. I have 4c hair which is prone to dryness and excess shedding, I found the bar to be very gentle on my hair and scalp and restores moisture to my hair.

Overall I am very impressed with the bar. It would be my second time of using shampoo bars and this one from Anita Grant is my favourite. I like the different main ingredients which you can choose depending on what your hair needs.  My only issue with this is the longevity of the bar, I received the 45g bar which only lasted three washes, the 3rd wash been a stretch however I’m sure the bigger bar (110g) will last slightly longer. They do state on the website that a bar is good for about 20 shampoos depending your hair, length, thickness etc. I haven’t tested the shampoo bar out as a body wash. 

I will definitely recommend the Anita Grant Plantain Spinach & Olive Shampoo Bar as a shampoo for natural hair especially 4c textures. The bar is great for finger detangling and leaves hair clean and soft. 

Anita Grant Babassu Plantain Spinach & Olive Shampoo Bar is priced at £5.25 for the 45g and 110g bar is £11.65.

For more information, please visit their website.