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I don't usually go to a spa for any kind of treatments mainly because I find it more convenient and money saving to have a Spa Day at home with some beauty products I get from my local Boots or Superdrug. I can invite my friends over and have a girly chat while we pamper ourselves. Plus I don't really trust anyone with my face, let alone allowing them to put stuff on it. So when I got the invite to have a facial at the Anesis Salon, Spa & Clinic I wasn't really sure what to expect. As soon as I arrived I was given a mini consultation by my therapist, Georgia who took down some details such as what my skin is like and what products I normally use. I went for the Anesis Superboost Facial which is a 60 minutes treatment and consist of deep cleansing, steam, extraction and moisturising. It helps with skin concerns such as dullness, dryness and congestion and is suitable for all skin type,

Anesis Spa pic 3The treatment was broken down into the following stages:

It begun with a welcome touch with hot mittens placed on my feet that had lavender scents. Then I had the Anesis Rose Hip Seed Cleanse which helped remove all the dirt and pollution on my skin. The next step was the steam which was achieved with a hot flannel cloth and the extraction of blackheads by gently squeezing my pores. The key part of the facial was the exfoliation process using Anesis 7.5% Fruit Acid Exfoliator; this felt a little uncomfortable because it was tingling (aka working through the pores) but luckily I was distracted by the shoulder massage which took place for seven minutes.

Then there was a massage with Anesis Oxygen Serum to help with lymphatic drainage, lifting movements and pressure points. While I had the Anesis Oxygen Mask on Georgia then massaged my scalp, hand, arms and foot massage which felt amazing. Then the last part was the cooling down with some moisturising using the All in 1 Moisturiser which was applied on top of Anesis Apple Stem Cell and SuperBoost Serum.

After my treatment I felt so relaxed and refreshed, I could see the difference in the appearance of my skin instantly. My face was brighter, the pores were minimal so I can see why the facial is called Superboost. I looked so awake. Georgia gave me sone mini samples to take home to prolong the effect of the facial. The treatment was lovely and changed my view on salon treatments; that I can actually trust someone with my face and get a good result out of it. I highly recommend Anesis Salon, Spa & Clinic for anyone looking for well trained and professional staff who are friendly and have knowledge of their products and are not just trying to make money out of you by recommending products you do not need.

If you are after a facial with a boost then I would most certainly recommend Anesis Salon, Spa & Clinic. It is priced at £65.

Anesis Salon, Spa & Clinic 14 The Pavement Clapham London SW4 0HY

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