Andre Walker Hair The Gold System

The Gold System is created by Andre Walker, the man responsible for the original hair Typing System (4C, 3C etc) and the man that was responsible for Oprah’s hair for over 25 years. The Gold System is a collection of products designed for all hair types and features

It contains Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo, TKO (Total Keratin Obsession) Conditioner, Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème Gelee, Beautiful Curls Styling Crème, Get it Straight Styling Crème and Quench Essential Oil

The whole collection has been formulated with a natural mongongo oil blend and is sulfate and paraben free. All products are not tested on animals. This is the first hair collection from Andre Walker and I was very excited to receive this for a review.

The Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo promises to nourish and cleanse dry, coarse hair whether relaxed or natural and I found this to be true. According to the Andre Walker Hair Type Chart, I have Type 4 hair (which is correct) so my hair is very prone to dryness and breakage. The very first time I used this shampoo, my hair was super dry as I hadn’t washed it in two weeks. I found the shampoo to be very moisturising and produced a lot of suds on the second lather. It also made finger detangling a breeze! I was very impressed with the shampoo from the first.

I love doing keratin treatments on my hair so I was really happy to have this TKO (Total Keratin Obsession) Conditioner. It is super thick and clumpy but as you warm it up in your hands it becomes a very smooth consistency. I wasn’t expecting much slip from this product, but I was very surprised with the slip it did have. I easily detangled my hair with my wide tooth comb with less breakage. You can either rinse this out or leave it on which I found very interesting so I decided to leave it on. I can tell you, my hair has never felt so soft before. This totally softened by hair and even days after. I left this on for 10 mins with added heat but I noticed white flakes as I twisted my hair. I dint think much of this because my hair was wet at the time.

The Quench Essential Oil promises to nourish, fight frizz and add shine to your hair and skin.  The texture of this feels like a serum and its one of the reasons I love it. I decided for the first use, to follow the instruction to use it on top of the conditioner and skip the styling products as I didn’t want a lot of product build up. I found a little bit of this oil goes a long way and I only used one to two pumps for each section, twisted my hair and allowed to air dry.

I noticed when my hair was dry, I had a lot of white flakes in my hair. I’m not sure if it’s because of the conditioner which I didn’t rinse out or using the oil on top of it.  My hair was very very soft and felt conditioned but the white flakes made it look like it hadn’t been washed properly. Using it again but washing out the conditioner and using the oil didn’t give me that problem so I will recommend you wash the conditioner out. 

I haven’t used the leave in yet as I feel like they are more for styling instead of a ‘normal’ leave in. I have been doing my protective styles although the stylers can be used on extensions as well and I look forward to testing them on my curly hair extensions.

Andre Walker Ultimate Moisture Sulfate Free Shampoo, is priced at £10.99 with the TKO (Total Keratin Obsession) Conditioner, Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème Gelee, Beautiful Curls Styling Crème, Get it Straight Styling Crème and Quench Essential Oil priced at £15.99 each. 

For more information, please visit their website.