Alesha Dixon Teams Up with Smashbox and HTC to Launch the first Selfie Kit


Alesha Dixon has teamed up with HTC and Smashbox Cosmetics to launch the first Selfie Kit. Each kit contains a Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Full Exposure Mascara and LA Lights (Hollywood & Highlight) with the aim of making you look selfie perfect without having to take tons of pictures. These products were curated by Smashbox's team of makeup and photography experts in order to get you instagram ready with minimal fuss. As for Alesha we all know how much she loves a selfie but the time aspecting of sifting through less than perfect images can be a bit of a nightmare especially when you are a busy lady. Hence why she this new Selfie Kit is the new saviour of her makeup bag because not only does it have all the tools to help her look her best it is also easy to carry around.

Who can remember life before the selfie? I can't. It seems like everyone, everywhere is indulging in a bit of selfie time from celebrities, politicians, PRs, media types and the girl/guy next door. Despite the preconceptions, taking a selfie does require a bit of technique and recently we have seen various bits of props being released such as the Selfie Stick and selfie apps to help you take the perfect selfie, so it will be interesting to see how well this Selfie Kit is received.

HTC and Smashbox Selfie Kit

The HTC and Smashbox Selfie Kit is priced at £49.00 and available to buy from Smashbox’s website.

There are only 100 kits available so if you are interested, you better get a move on!