AirMotion Pro


AirMotion is a hairbrush brand like no other, with a wealth of technology and science behind their products and many reasons why they stand out. The first thing one notices about their AirMotion Pro hairbrushes is that visually, they look far from ordinary hairbrushes, with an ergonomic handle (suitable for left and right handed people) that represents AirMotion’s philosophy of ‘contour sensitive hair science’ right from the offset. The brush does look heavy and slightly bulky, but this idea is deceiving, because actually the brush is very lightweight (thanks to a combination of lightweight materials and innovative design) and flexible, to glide effectively around the shape of your head. The design of the bristles allow for another wow factor - AirMotion call it the ‘Tri-Bristle Configuration’ design, where the bristles are systematically arranged and are of three different sizes, which helps to detangle hair and leave it smooth, and stress-free. The bristles look quite sharp although in reality they are quite soft. I find that the brush does a particularly excellent job at smoothing (and to some extent, straightening) hair, so the length of time required to brush hair is lessened a lot, which also means less damage to the hair. This is what attracts me most about AirMotion’s brushes, because the special design which reduces daily wear and tear of hair means you could consider skipping certain hair products in your regime.

Other features of AirMotion’s brushes are that they help to move frizz and can distribute product evenly. This is personally useful when applying mousse to my hair - ordinary brushes tend to deposit it more in certain areas, unlike AirMotion’s technology which allows for mousse to be spread uniformly. This would be true for any hair product you choose to use. Moreover, their brushes are suitable for use in the shower, due to the rubbery exterior. This is also great because it means they are easy to clean of residue. Overall, I find that there are a lot of reasons why AirMotion’s Pro hairbrush is superior to others on the market, including the fact it represents good value for money and is accessible in terms of affordability too.

My hair is of a thick density, wavy, and naturally silky smooth. This product would be great if you are wearing your hair in a weave or have relaxed your hair but according to Gina from Natural Belle it works very well on mixed heritage hair.

AirMotion Pro is priced at £11.99.

For more information, please visit their website.