Afunkie 35-Jumaima Eyeshadow Palette

I’m not a makeup pro but when I wear makeup I want it to be seen. I love statement eye makeup, so I am talking bold and bright colours. Enter Afunkie which was founded by Oluwafunmike Addulazeez, Afunkie is a UK based beauty brand committed to providing high quality and affordable beauty products. I’m not exaggerating when I say my eyes lit up when I saw the Afunkie 35-Jumaima Eyeshadow Palette. It was everything I could have wished for in an eyeshadow palette.

Afunkie has three eyeshadow palettes; Afunkie 35-Jumaima Eyeshadow Palette which consist of brights and bolds shades, Afunkie 35-Ronkie Eyeshadow Palette, with nude and neutral shades and the Afunkie 35-Jibik Eyeshadow Palette, which has warm golden tones. Each palette as you would have twigged contains 35 shades. 

I received the 35 Jumaima to trial. Now here’s a palette that has everything; warm shades, icy shades, matte and shimmer. It’s a beauty and rightly so, after all it was named after Oluwafunmike’s Aunt Jumai, who has a sunny personality.

You can transition from day to night with this palette, it’s like a best of both, from the other two palettes with the added benefit so purplicious purples. 

The first time I used 35 Jumaima, I was getting my glam on for a date lunch date. I chosed the warmer coral and oranges for a colour pop. It was a very hot day, so I applied a makeup fix spray to keep the look fresh. 

On another occasion, I applied the eyeshadows with a damp brush (happy accident… long story). The shadows glided on effortlessly with a creamy appearance. My chosen shades blended well and brightened up my eyes.  

For the final trial I applied eye primer, then followed with a matte nude brown as a base and built up the colour and sparkle with varying shades of purple.  The shimmery shades added glamour.  The shadows are highly pigmented and long lasting. Although I didn’t apply a makeup fix, my bold-eye look lasted for over seven hours on a hot summer’s day without needing a touch up.

I should mention, on application there was some kick-back of the product, especially the matte shadows because they are powdery. However, that can be managed by applying the shadows with a damp brush or covering the under-eye area with a translucent powder until the eye makeup has been completed,

This palette rocked my world and made my dreams come true. Purple is a tricky and sometimes looks pinkish on me but Afunkie’s purples are true. In fact, all their shades are as vibrant on the skin as in the palette. 

Afunkie 35-Jumaima Eyeshadow Palette is priced at £19.99. 

You can buy it from their website