The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Totally Nourishing Hair Butter


As well as BLOOM, I also tested FLOURISH – the Totally Nourishing Hair Butter by the Afro Hair and Skin Co. which is a rich butter made from British grown ingredients including Organic walnut butter and flaxseed oil. The key ingredients are poppy flower seed oil which helps to condition and protect the hair shaft and scalp while crambe seed oil is rich in Omega 9 which adds sheen and moisture to the hair and skin as well as deepening your natural hair colour. Considering most products seems to focus on castor oil, shea butter or coconut oil as their key ingredient, I found it fascinating that this product is mix of seemingly unusual oils.

The formula works best on slightly damp hair because it can help seal in moisture even more effectively, but I found it was okay to use on dry hair. I quickly learnt that you only need to use a small amount on dry locs to avoid weighing down relaxed hair like my own. I believe this would be a great product for those with natural hair which tends to get quite dry.

The rich butter was instantly nourishing to my weak, brittle locs and my hair began to feel stronger within a week of use. I also applied this to the ends of my hair at night as moisture treatment while I sleep, and I found the product was a great way to restore some life back to my hair.

I really liked that the product has such a plant rich formula because you know you are only putting good into your hair which is so important in these cold winter months. While the butter does melt well onto the scalp and hair shaft, the use of natural ingredients does mean you might find a few small solid pieces within the formula. Though you can use FLOURISH daily, I preferred to just apply it when my hair needed a little boost.

The Afro Hair & Skin Co Nourish – Totally Nourishing Hair Butter is priced at £18.50.

For more information, please visit their website.