AEOS Optimal Essentials (Blue) Kit


As a lady of a certain age, I mostly use organic products in my skincare regime. In my experience they are less likely to aggravate my eczema and they deliver on their promises. Mother Nature knows best, after all. Naturally, when AEOS skincare products came under my radar I was intrigued and wanted to try it so I trailed the AEOS Optimal Essentials (Blue) Kit for 10 days. AEOS is the acronym for Active Energised Organic Skincare. The products are created from extracts and essential oils sourced from biodynamic farming which is the oldest green farming movement. Trialling the Optimal Essentials Kit meant that I had the benefit of using products from the Blue range to find out which combinations work best for me.

The blue kit contains Cleansing Oil de-Maq, Dew Facial Wash, Gentle Cleansing Lotion, Gentle Exfoliant, Energising Conditioner, Refreshing Hydrating Mist, Realive Serum, Enriching Moisturiser, Beauty Body Shower and Beauty Body Lotion. It has been designed for maximum hydration and nourishment and a few products from this range have won the 2014 Natural Health Beauty Awards and having used them I can see why.

I had no problems with any of the products, no adverse effects. However, I do have a few favourites. I absolutely love the two body care products and the Beauty Body Shower is divine. I got two showers from the 10ml plus it didn’t dry out my skin. The gorgeous gardenia fragrance is very uplifting. I followed up with the Beauty Body Lotion. I also got two uses from this tube which in the case of lotion was a stretch. I was pleasantly surprised how great my skin looked the following morning, considering my height and amount I used to get the two uses.

From the skincare range I liked the Cleansing Oil de-Maq. It’s a rich oil and little go a long way. It has a beautiful golden colour and the fragrance is a pleasant sort of citrusy smell. It’s great for removing makeup without striping the skin’s natural oils, even around the delicate eye area. This Cleansing Oil is perfect for skin that’s prone to dehydration. Gentle Cleansing Lotion was perfect for my daily skincare regime. The consistency is creamy but not too thick and it felt luscious against my skin. The lotion removed cleansed well and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy.

The Gentle Exfoliant was a perfect partner for the cleanser. It’s also creamy but with micro beads. The product directions suggest that mature skin use this product once weekly. I confess I was a bit over zealous because it’s so gentle and I had a black head I was trying to coax out. I used the exfoliant about four times within the 10 days trial.

The Energising Conditioner is fantastic; it has a little body to its consistency. It’s not as runny as water just slightly denser. It supports the other products from the blue range. I don’t use toner often because I find it can be a bit drying. Guess there is a reason this product is called a ‘conditioner’ and not a toner because it truly supports moisture retention.

Finally, the Enriching Moisturiser has a creamy light texture that absorbs easily into the skin. My skin felt supple and looked hydrated all day. It’s advised not mix and matches the AEOS products with other skincare products because the various parts support each other. I did use my usual organic face oil at night on occasion without any adverse effects.

I would certainly recommend the Optimal Essentials Kit. It gives a wonderful introduction to the range. The kit would also make a fabulous present for a jet-setting lady. The packaging is feminine, delicate and pretty. The 10ml tubes will last a week but the 30ml bottles will last for at least one month.

The Optimal Essentials Kit (Blue) is priced at £68 and available from their website.