Across the Pond - Tendai Ngorima


Tendai Ngorima is a beauty blogger by night and an aesthetic therapist by day. This South African brownbeauty is passionate about health and beauty. with a slight obsession with skincare and laser therapies and she shares her passion on her blog, Hair, Health, Skin Care... Anything beauty Goes! I managed to catch up with her to talk about blogging and beauty. How long have you been blogging and why did you decide to set up your blog? I have been blogging for three years now. The reason I decided to start blogging is because I happen to work in the industry I'm passionate about - beauty- and I found that the percentage of fellow brown beauties was incomparable. I figured this was possibly due to lack of exposure to all these options for some and possibly not being educated enough in treatments and technology safe and available for our skin types. My hope was to share my personal experience and educate on all things beauty.

Is there a blogging community in South Africa? Yes there is. In my opinion, still very small and not so widely taken advantage of by brands. I think the idea of blogging is still in its budding stage and hopefully will come to full fruition soon.

Tell us about your favourite beauty brands I enjoy a few bits and bobs from a number of brands. Some of my favourites being Intraceuticals, Kiehl's, Artistry, Smashbox, Balea, MAC and Eucerin.

Are these brands easy to find in South Africa? Yes they are very easy to find. The only one not available is Balea (I stocked up during a trip to Namibia)

Describe your skincare routine My morning and evening routine are exactly the same, only difference is I use an SPF as the last step in the morning for obvious reasons. This is what I do; cleanse, use an eye gel, apply daily serum with low weight Hyaluronic to revive the skin, apply an Hydration Heal with medium weight Hyaluronic to keep a constant supply of hydration to the skin and lastly moisturise to lock in all that goodness. Once a week, if I get the chance I will apply a face mask. Once every second week, depending on how my skin feels, I will exfoliate. And finally once every second month, if I can, I will go in to the salon for an Fruit Acid Peel or facial.

Which makeup products do you use? Makeup is not an everyday thing for me. I like to tell myself that my skin must represent the work I do. So when I do occasionally put some on for the "glam factor" I use mascara, bronzer my favourite), blush, lip liner & lipstick/chubby stick. I don't wear foundation with this particularly during the day. If I do happen to be attending an event in the evening I will put on a light coverage foundation. I always try to create a fresh/dewy kinda look and the red lipstick is a must for the 'bang'.

Whose beauty style do you admire and why? From celebrity point of view it has to be Alek Wek and Iman, the stories of where they came from and where they got to are inspirational. They also exude the persona of a natural brownbeauty which I find intriguing. From a blogger point of view, Amiela Razzaq aka colourblockingqueen_pinky, her work is art. Her makeup is so out of the box, and although I'm not certain I could pull it off, I do appreciate it non-the-less.

As a bonus, I admire any lady on a skincare regime in Korea - to be able to layer 13 plus products both morning and night, on a daily... yah! I do also appreciate their skincare ranges, reading their ingredients and technology they really must have some of the best.

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