3107 London Artisan Skincare


3107 London is an artisan skincare brand which uses high quality pure and natural ingredients, with a focus on the physical and therapeutic benefits of oil. The brand was founded by Diya Ayodele, a trained facialist and wellbeing therapist who has harnessed her interest in beauty and skincare with the launch of the first two products of the brand. The first product I tried was the Heart & Soul Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover, which is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a cleanser or a mask. Day to day, I’ve been using this as a cleanser, but on a weekly basis I have been using it as a mask to reap it's intensive benefits. The Cleansing Make Up Remover has a soft and hydrating balm texture, that is slightly waxy and comforting on the skin. It works well as a cleanser and removes stubborn makeup with minimal effort. The scents of lemongrass and geranium are gentle and somewhat soothing, adding to a spa-like experience with the use of this product. My face looks clean, refreshed and radiant after immediate use, and I can’t wait to use this product further to see what the long-term effects are like.

The second, and last product within the 3107 London range, is the My Everything Soothing Face Elixir, which is a soothing and moisturising facial oil that contains French Lavender and Roman Chamomile. While the elixir works extremely well as an intensive moisturiser, it makes for a great massage oil too. When using it as a moisturiser, you only need two to three drops for your whole face. The moisture given to the face has a long-lasting ability and makes the face look pleasantly dewy and radiant.

Overall, I feel that these two products are of a very high quality, and the focus on therapeutic benefits as well as immediate physical ones is evident - I’ve experienced few skincare products which are more soothing. The products have slightly luxurious price tags, although this is well justified by the performance of the products.

3107 London Artisan Skincare Heart & Soul Deep Cleansing Make Up Remover is priced at £34.99 and My Everything Soothing Face Elixir is £29.99.

For more information, please visit their website.