100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil The benefits of jojoba oil was discovered in the 70’s and today it’s used in a variety of products. Jojoba oil is structurally and chemically very similar to the human sebum. It’s said to be is non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic. Not only that but it is high in beneficial minerals and Vitamin E which is known for promoting clear healthy skin. In haircare, Jojoba Oil is excellent for treating dry, damaged hair, as well as problems such as, dandruff and hair loss because it has properties similar to hair serum. It's gentle enough to use on children and for this reason, I like having jojoba oil my bathroom cabinet.

100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil is a product that all in the family can use for a range of purposes. The oil was created by The Jojoba Company. which was founded in 2008 by Ian Turner, when he planted his first crop of jojoba on the family estate in New­ South Wales, Australia. His daughter Vicki shared her passion for jojoba with her father. In time with her knowledge of the benefits of jojoba grew and they began creating a range of products, as well as promoting the health benefits of their own 100% natural Australian jojoba.

I received a 30ML bottle of 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil to trial. It came in a bottle with a pump top which made it easy to carry around. Packaged in this way you can it on your handbag, baby’s changing bag or your office desk draw. No need to worry about spillage. It has a very mild fragrance that evaporates once absorbed. It’s suitable for face, body, nails and has hair anti-aging properties. It would make the ideal desert island product.

I used the oil on myself and my daughter. I used it as a scalp and face oil for myself and it gave my hair a healthy shine and kept my face looking fresh and hydrated. On my daughter, I used it on her skin to lock in the moisture after her bath. She has eczema prone skin. I also used it in her hair as part of her hair styling regime. Although it’s a rich oil because it absorbed easily, it never made her hair feel oily and weighted down. As for her skin, it allowed me to manage the flare up she had on certain areas of her skin.

100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil is priced at £12.99.

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