10 Masks With Unique Formulas To Try

There are a lot of masks out there. Everytime you go to the drugstore or a beauty counter, you probably spot a new product to try. While we’re used to seeing sheet masks and clay masks, there are some other unique masks out there that are worth your attention.

Holika-Holika Pig Nose Mask

Forget puppy dog nose Snapchat filters. When you try this mask, you’re going to be all about pig noses. The innovative set contains three separate masks that help remove blackheads from your own snout.

Priced at £4.50

Zelens Transformer Mask

This probably doesn’t look like the mask packages that you have in your bathroom cupboard. Apply a bit of the product from the sleek package and the high-tech rejuvenating mask helps to energize skin and encourage its renewal.

Priced at £95.00

Glow O2 Mask from Pixi by Petra

Don’t let the package fool you. This might look like a serum, but it’s definitely a mask. If you’ve had a late night, apply the anti-fatigue mask and the oxygenating formula will help revive your dull complexion. 

Priced at £26.00 

Murad InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask  

Forget about blotting sheets, you need this mask to sort out oily skin. All it takes is three-minutes for the deep cleansing mask to balance your skin. What you’re left with is clear, shine-free skin so you can skip the powder.

Priced at £35.00

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask

If you’re used to masks that you wash off after 20 minutes or so, this one is a bit different. You leave the gel mask on overnight to let it work its magic. After you apply it, the mask absorbs into your skin so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your pillowcase. When you wake up, you’ll be left with glowing, hydrated skin.

Priced at £33.00

BioAqua Hydrating Lip Mask  

There are countless masks for your face, but you cannot forget about masks for your lips. The delicate skin on them deserves so meTLC. This adorable pink mask helps hydrate lips and fill in fine lips for a fuller-looking pout. Best of all, it works in only 10 minutes.

Priced at £3.50

Frank Body Glow Mask

Meet the mask that will get you hooked on applying masks in the morning. Frank Body’s first-ever mask helps wake you up in the morning. Just like the brand’s iconic scrubs, the mask also contains a shot of caffeine. 

Priced at £15.95

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair PowerFoil Mask

The silver mask will remind you of the Tin Man, but it’s more than an aesthetic choice. The foil helps the ingredients in the mask penetrate into your skin deeper. Try it and you might not go back to your regular sheet mask.

Priced at £104 for 8

Su-Man Facial Rejuvenating Mask  

“Bio cellulose” might sound like something you learned in chemistry, but it’s actually the hero material that this mask is made out of. The mask is fermented in coconut water and produced at a low-temperature to get all of the skin-nourishing benefits possible.

Priced at £42 for 4

M&S Formula Daily Advanced Polishing Charcoal Mask

Charcoal has become a very popular ingredient in the beauty world and for good reason. It gets the job done. This unique polishing masks still purifies your skin but it also polishes away dry flaky bits to reveal a glowing skin underneath.

Priced at £6.50

While the formulas may be different, the thing that remains the same is that the masks deliver results. Therefore, don’t be scared to deviate from your classic mask formula. You might just find a new favourite.