The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without by Annika Allen

Annika Allen is a communications specialist with over 15 years’ experience managing projects for Google, Universal and Crimestoppers. She is also the founder of the Black Magic Podcast which features conversations with brilliant and resilient British Black women, about their life journeys and paths to success. Her great work with the Black Magic Podcast her resulted in Annika being nominated for a Precious Lifestyle Awards for Podcast of the Year. Annika took time out to tell me about the beauty products she cannot live without. 

The beauty product I cannot live without is Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15. I was in Bobbi Brown in Canary Wharf testing out some lipsticks and the makeup artist in-store suggested the lip balm as a good base for lip stick. I tried it and I loved it. I keep it in my handbag and use it everyday, whether it is the cold winter weather or the tropical heatwave that we are currently having. My lips are quite sensitive and can become very dry so I need a good lip balm on hand to help my lips keep looking and feeling silky smooth and protected. 

I just buy one product at a time. At £17.00 It's very pricey when you can just buy Vaseline or Coco Butter lip balms which are way cheaper alternatives. The good thing about the Bobbi Brown one is that it isn't as sticky or dry like other brands on the market. The texture is just right. 

I keep it in my bag so that I always have it on me and I repurchase it once it has finished, so however long that takes - approx every few months. I love the ingredients as it is formulated with wheat germ, avocado and olive oils. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave my fingers feeling sticky after using it. And the sleek and portable polished silver tin looks very sexy when I pull it out to use it. 

The Precious Lifestyle Awards takes place today.

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